Professor (male)
Physical Chemistry
Chemistry Department
University of Ioannina
Panepistimiopolis Douroutis, Chemistry Department, 45110 Ioannina
Tel: (+30)2651008430



B. Sc. Degree in Chemistry, University of Ioannina, School of Natural Sciences July 1982

Ph.D. in Chemistry, School of Natural Sciences, University of Ioannina 1984-1989. Thesis: Effects of the architecture on the conformational properties of polymers in dilute solutions. Supervisor:  Marios Kosmas

Postdoctoral Researcher:  Chemistry Department University of Ioannina (8 months) 1991-1991.

Postdoctoral fellow at Universidad Complutense and UNED Madrid Spain 1991-1993 (24 months) Cooperation with Prof. Juan Freire and Arturo Horta.

Postdoctoral Researcher:  Chemistry Department University of Athens  1993-2001.  Cooperation with Prof. N. Hadjichristidis


Academic Career

Lecturer, Department of Chemistry University of Ioannina 2001-2006

Assistant Professor , Department of Chemistry University of  Ioannina 2006-2012

Associated Professor, Department of Chemistry University of  Ioannina 2012-2018

Professor, Department of Chemistry University of  Ioannina 2018-

Areas of Specialization

  •           Conformational properties of polymers with various architectures (Renormalization Group Theory and Monte Carlo Simulations)
  • ·         Adsorption of homopolymers  on  impenetrable wall. (Renormalization group theory)
  • ·         Melts and blends of homopolymers with various architectures. (Renormalization group theory and Monte Carlo simulations)
  • ·         Micellization properties of copolymers and terpolymers with various architectures.  ( Molecular dynamics simulation)
  • ·         Peptides conformation ( Atomistic molecular dynamics simulation)
  • ·         Polyelectrolyte micelles and inter -polyelectrolyte complexes  ( Molecular dynamics simulation)
  • ·         Polyelectrolyte Brushes  ( Molecular dynamics simulation)



List of publications

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