Associate Professor (male)
Inorganic Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
University of Ioannina
Ioannina, 45110, Greece
Tel: +30-2651008402, +30-2651008400
Fax: +30-2651008781

Analytical Chemistry

1. Molecular Spectroscopy
2. Atomic Spectroscopy
3. Liquid Chromatography
4. Chemiluminescence
5. Flow injection analysis
6. Sample pretreatment / Microextraction
7. Chemometrics
8. Nanotechnology
9. Microfluidics
10. Environmental remedation / restoration


  • BSc in Environmental Sciences
  • MSc in Chemical Technology
  • PhD in Analytical Chemistry


Reviewer / Editor in International Scientific Journals

  • Reviewer for  40 International Scientific Journals
  • Senior Associate Editor Microchimica Acta (I.F. 6.232,



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